Image in css. How do make that work


I stored a image in assets/images

Now I need to use that image in my css as a background image. I can make it work bu then I have to rename my .css to .scsss.

Is there a way I can make it work without the renaming in Rails



I don’t recommend it, but you can turn off digest:

config.assets.digest = false

The problem is that this will also disable digests for CSS and Javascript files, so if you are using a CDN when you deploy a new version of your app you will need to manually reset its cache.

Is there a specific reason why you do not wish to rename css to scss? Maybe we can help you with that instead.

no perticular reason but I wonder why I have to do it and why I did not find that in the docs or tutorials

Files default to .scss because Rails assumes most people prefer writing SASS instead of pure CSS. So instead of this:

.button {
.button span{

You could do:

.button {
  span {

That said, I’m not sure if Sprockets requires the file to be .scss, or as long as you use asset_url instead of url it will work:

.hero {
  background: asset_url('my-hero.jpg')

I think it need to be .scss I change it back to .css and use the asset-url but no luck