Ignoring Columns in a Model

I am currently suffering through integrating my beautiful rails app
with an old legacy MS SQL based application. Lets just say that the
database the old app used is not in any way normalized.

So, in my case, I am reading data from the legacy app only -- I am not
making any changes. The problem is, each table has 60 columns in it
but in my model I only actually use and care about 5-10 of them.
Retrieving all 60 columns is very slow, so I am trying to get my model
to ignore the columns that I don't use.

Any guidance on how to accomplish this? For example, if I have a db
table called Orgs:


However, in my Org class, I would like to only have attributes for
OrgID and OrgName. Is there anyway to accomplish this?

Thanks for the assistance,

Model.find :select => "fieldnames"

Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

Caio Chassot wrote:

Sweet. I was not aware of this and had been using find_by_sql to achieve the same results.

Thanks Caio