IE6 problem with link_to -> send_file

I’m having a problem with send_file on IE6.

I’ve got a page that has a set of 3 links (link_to(image_tag(…)), each of which invokes the same method, but with different params. On that same page is a form with 3 radio buttons. The form invokes the same method as the links, passing the same params. The difference in server-side processing between the links and the form is that both render a file, but when invoked from the form the method adds some additional content to the file. In all cases, I use send_file to return the file to the visitor.

IE6 handles the response when the method’s invoked from the form just fine. Thows up a ‘view or save’ dialog with the file name I sent and everything is handled correctly. When the method is invoked from the links, however, the send_file response to the browser is not being handled correctly. IE6 throws up an error dialog saying it’s unable to download the action name that I used in the link, not the file name I sent back in the send_file response.

I haven’t been able to find anything on Google. Probably just haven’t figured out the right terms yet. Has anybody got any ideas about what’s going on here or how I might fix it, still using link_to?