IDE - v. RoR for new programmer?

The real issue that experienced programmers will point out about
anything that comes with a giant IDE is that, ultimately, the IDE is
an absolute necessity. Many of the frameworks supported by heavy IDEs
are so verbose that it's simply impossible to set everything up by
hand (see the current state of Java web apps for an example - XML 'til
it hurts!).

Furthermore, quite a bit of the functionality in Visual Studio -
things like creating app skeletons, etc - is essentially covered by
the CLI generators that packages like Rails provide. Maybe not as
glitzy, but they work.

Finally, the value of having the entire platform's source code can't
be overstated - it may be intimidating at first, but reading the Rails
source can be extremely valuable to a new developer. It's also the
documentation of last resort... :slight_smile:

--Matt Jones

Can't agree more with what has been said here. I'm a C#.Net developer
that is transitioning to Ruby (finally! Bought the pickaxe three years
ago and never got around to it...). Yes VS is a fabulous productivity
tool, but I've seen plenty of new developers get stumped for lack of
understanding of the HTML, Javascript and C# that goes behind it.

If all you want to do is learn programming, then it's a matter of
personal preference. If anything, getting your hands "dirtier" in Ruby
will make you a better programmer, as without the comfort of VS you'll
have to go deeper :slight_smile: