I have many Rails 3.0 questions here....


I am happy as well as confused with this Rails 3.0 == Merb 2.0 scenario.

I understand within few months ( during RailsConf 2009, in May 2009 )
Rails 3.0 will be out to the public, and there would be no more

But...Still there are 100 days to go

My question is... should i follow the currently available Rails books
now or should i read the current Merb book and tutorials online.

I am keen to know... what will happen in future...
(1) Will Rails look more like Merb..? OR...
(2) Will Merb will look like Rails ...?
(3) What features should i study now in Rails, which will be helpful in
Rails 3.0
(4) What features of Merb should i read now for future.

I understand that the Rails team is going to adopt the best of features
from Rails and Merb. But which features are going forward and which
would be canceled are still not clear, and that's what creates puzzles
in my mind.

Today is exactly one month after the Merge was announced, and many
things are still hanging around.( Merger was announced on Dec 23rd, 2008

There are still 100 days to go for Rails 3.0, and i would like to use my
100 days in the best possible manner, so that i can be in tune with
Rails 3.0. I do not want to waste my efforts after deprecated features.

I am sure many would be puzzled like me here... What measures should we
take now.. I hope few experts would come forward to guide us and make
next 100 days a rewarding experience.


Hi, you might want to read the following:


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Truth be told, I don't think that the core team knows exactly what is
coming and going. Best thing to do is to try and read up on Katz's
blog and check the GitHub commits to see what is being done there.

Nobody knows exactly yet! Be patient and have faith that the rails/
merb guys know what they are doing.

Hi, I read that Rails 2.3 will be the pre-cursor to Rails 3.0. Also, Rails 3.0 by default will include what you’re using now with the relevant Merb additions and/or enhancements. The exact details are forthcoming. Next, you’re not forced to upgrade your production systems until you’re ready. Furthermore, you can always check the commits on Github, experiment with Edge Rails, and check the various blog posts from contributors and trackers. Lastly, the projected date of release for the system is within the month of May but it’s not clear as to what form this will be (i.e. RC1, RC2, or Final).

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I hope, many things will be cleared by next month.

I would also appreciate, if more information is shared here.


You will know on a need-to-know basis and right now you don't need to know. We can't give information if there's nothing else to share.