I do not understand how to do 5.7 - Showing Posts.

Can someone please explain this line:

Can someone please explain this line: . Am i supposed to put in the command line? Am i supposed to put it in the create function, please help, I am struggling overall.

This comes from the output of rake routes. This is not a command or valid Ruby code.

If you look at section 5. you’ll see a line in the config/routes.rb file that looks like: resources :posts

This results in the creation of a bunch of routes related to the Post resource. They’re listed right below, using the command line “rake routes” command.

In this list of routes, you’ll see the route you asked about.

You don’t have to enter these routes anywhere, they’re generated by Rails when you declare the :posts resource.

Sorry, I’m on the phone and it’s hard to type here. Please check the routing guide in the meanwhile