out of date again

Can someone who has access to the website regenerate the rdocs? It doesn't seem to have been updated for 2.3, but the main site points there as the official api site.

Thanks! Jeff

API is 2.3, but I know some bit that was not updated... what did you miss?

First of all, it was generated on Feb 1st and 2.3.2 was released March 15.

It’s hard to believe no documentation patches got in in that month and a half.

Second, DHH contacted me on email weeks ago saying Rails core considered generating RDoc documentation with Hanna (sample: because he liked my experiment where I adjusted the Hanna CSS to have more Rails-y color scheme instead of neutral gray.

That experiment is no longer browsable online because of technical issues with my server, and – to make things worse – RDoc 2.4 since then dropped support for HTML generators, breaking almost every 3rd party RDoc template made for that generator in favor of their new Darkfish generator.

I’m in the process of porting Hanna to RDoc 2.4 and making a separate style for Rails API docs. It will take at least 2-3 more days. (I’m also dropping the frameset.)

In the meantime, the documentation team and Rails core should decide if they’re going to stick with the old template (the “jamis” template, also not supported by new versions of RDoc) or they’re going to switch to Hanna or Darkfish. In any case I will report back here with progress on either Hanna or the new CSS for Rails API docs.

You're right, there are pending updates.