html to xml

So what have you tried so far, and how isn't it giving you the result
you're looking for?

Personally, I'd probably do something like this with XSLT, but...

Aside from that, this example looks very strange -- do you really
intend that LandMarkName be a child of LandMarkType, and so

<LandMarkType> Red Fort
<LandMarkName>Chatta Chowk
<Description>(Covered Bazaar) – True to the name, this is a covered bazaar
between the gate and the fort itself, now filled with souvenir hawkers.

I would think you would want e.g.
  <LandMarkType>Red Fort</LandMarkType>
  <LandMarkName>Chatta Chowk</LandMarkName>

Frankly, your example doesn't make sense -- an xpath query on
LandMarkName is going to return the Description tags and value
as well, which seems an odd use case :slight_smile: