HowTo search a string for content?

Obviously not a genius with Ruby.

I simply want to check if the string from an form input is a phone
number, or an email.

I started testing wether the string.class was Bignum or Fixnum. If it
was I presumed it was a phonenumber. Although this works in script/
console, my application dosn't seem to pass the Bignum and Fixnum
tests and proceeds to the else statement.

So now I wanna try looking for the content in my string.

I thought, hey, ill just look for the "@" sign in the posted string.
But how? I've been searching for several hourse. And don't seem to run
into any solution.

So I'll go to bed, and cross my fingers.

Thx in advance

Btw, this is what I'm trying:

I'm using a phonenumber or the email as login. Same field.
If the user enters his phonenumber, I wanna make sure it works weather
the user types:


(0045) Danish area code.

  def phone(input)
      unless input == ############## <------ unless what? Was
thinking, unless @ in input.
        value = input.to_s
        lenStop = value.length
        lenStart = value.length - 8
        username = '45' + value[lenStart..lenStop]

        return username
        return input

I figure code dosn't work if user puts spaces in his phonenumber. I
guess that can be fixed with a gsub " ", "".. something like that.


I believe that regular expressions is what you may be looking for..

s = "(0045) 444-5555"

=> "(0045) 444-5555"

codes = s.match /(\(\d+\))?\s*(\d{3})(\s*-\s*)?(\d{4})/

=> #<MatchData "(0045) 444-5555" 1:"(0045)" 2:"444" 3:"-" 4:"5555">


=> "(0045) 444-5555"


=> "(0045)"


=> "444"


=> "5555"


David Liwoch wrote:

Obviously not a genius with Ruby.

I simply want to check if the string from an form input is a phone
number, or an email.

Read up on regular expressions


regular expressions on the menu today.



Makes -200% sense to me currently

Thank you guys

the others are right to point you to regular expressions--definitely worth learning.

But to give you a fish, you can use String's [] method to check for an @ symbol.

  if my_string['@'] then
    # my_string has an @ in it.



Hehe.. definetly a more simple way to do exactly that. Thank you

Guess Reg Exp can probably define a more accurate pattern for email


Heh--there's actually a famous regexp (if you can imagine such a thing) that faithfully tracks the RFA spec for e-mail addresses. It's something like half a printed page long and would make a kick-ass tattoo.

I'm writing from the bus, else I'd google up a link to it.

But lots of much much simpler regexps will handle 99% of valid addresses. Those are easily googled up...

David -