How To View Documentation in doc/app


Noob question:

I'm currently working through the examples in Agile Development With Rails. On page 182, the book shows you how to generate documentation for your application using RDoc.

I've done that successfully, but the problem I'm having is that I can't seem to view the documentation.

Is there a command to run?

I've tried pointing a browser to http://localhost:3000/doc/app/index.html to no avail.

Any ideas?




The documentation is generated under doc/app in your rails project folder when you run rake doc:app. As far as I know, the documentation isn’t served by script/server. You probably wouldn’t want it to be anyway, because it could also be served when you deploy and then anyone could view your documentation and portions of your code whether you intended to release that information or not.

The easiest way to view the generated documentation is to hit file/open in your web browser and then open doc/app/index.html under your rails project folder.


One of the things that Arti ( does is to make the RDoc-generated HTML files available via a separate server.