how to use the tags with acts_as_taggable_on_steroids of rails 2.0?

hi all,

1)actaully i have a table called article with colummns:

id name body
2)tags table with id and name columns

3) taggins table with id,tag_id,taggable_id,taable_type

4)i have model and controller for artcle .And i created migration for

5)once i run the http://localhost:3000

i am able to enter name body for artical table columns.

her are my quires:
1)on console am able to see table entries using


but i want to give a tag name to find the data from the article
table.On console i tried to assign tag like


its giving error like undefined methos or no method defined
then i tried like
Article.tag_list = "aa, yy"
it is working
the same thing i want to do on index page like:

index page will open ther i can enter tha data for name and body
.here i want to enter a tag name to be search in search box ,to do
that can any one give me idea how can i proceed ?