How to use subdomains to represent sections?

I have a website that has 3 main sections:

1. Tickets 2. Company (About Us) 3. Admin

I would prefer to use subdomains for these sections:,

This should be done with routes. You have to rewrite routes and url_for a bit. And don't forget to set ActionController::Base.session_options[:session_domain] to "" I don't think in your case you'll benefit much from using subdomains, but it's only up to to decide whether to spend decent amount of time hacking ActionController::Routing to and ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper to map things back and forth, or rest happy with default routing.

The problem though is that I need a specific set of controllers for each section. I dont want to do

Does it means 'tickets' is module in your setup, like in Tickets::SomeTicketsController#action_on_ticket? You don't need it anyway, TicketsController filled with tickets related actions is enough.