How to use an ActiveRecord plugin in a non-Rails project

I’m using ActiveRecord on a Sinatra app. I need one of my tables to be sorted, so I’m using acts_as_list ( However, it isn’t a gem, so I don’t know how to get it to work with Bundler.

Currently, I just cloned the source into a dir named “vendor”. This works, but when I search my code, it keeps including acts_as_list code in the results. It also means more folders and files, so just generally more overhead. I’d like it to be as transparent as all the gems I use.

Is there some way to get Bundler to deal with it, or is there a best practice for this situation?

(I was thinking I could probably fork it, give it a gemspec, and then tell Bundler to look at my forked repo, does that sound reasonable?)

I ended up doing this. Add one fairly simple file, and now it works with Bundler. Then load it into my app with:

require “active_record/acts/list.rb”

ActiveRecord::Base.send :include, ActiveRecord::Acts::List

I think this was a good solution.

Hey Josh,

Just as a side note, I think it would be more respectful to list all the authors of this gem in your gemspec file do |s|


s.authors = [‘Joshua Cheek’]




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