How to upload a video in ruby on rails

Can any one halp? how to upload a video in ruby on rails (ruby 1.8.7 and

Hi Saritha,

Checkout this



Do you want to upload a video from your clients browser to your RoR instance or do you want to upload a video from your RoR instance to another server?

Depending on your plans there are different answers to your question…

i want to upload a video to save in my database (mysql) and play it
later time when i was click on the play button.

can any one post the code using panda how to upload a video clip.

Checkout any of these below for video upload.


I've never used Panda, but I've built an app to upload and encode

I used rails 2.3.x, the Paperclip gem, and ffmpeg, and it's all very

I have since upgraded to rails 3, upload straight to Amazon, and
encode with Zencoder (

My source is available at:

You usually upload a video by saving an instance of the video on disk
(or on s3 for example), and saving a reference on the database so that
you can retrieve it later. It's easier to use existing gems for this,
like paperclip[1] or carrierwave[2].

Unfortunately, I don't think carrierwave is available for Rails 2.3.x,
but feel free to check it out anyway. Their documentation should also
answer your questions.