How to update rails manually


I have a server behind a firewall and I can't hit the Internet from
there. I can remote control the server, but not download anything from
the Internet.That means the standard "gem install rails -v 2.3.4"
command will not work.

How does one download the 2.3.4 update and install it locally without

What is the error msg you are getting ?? ang what is the os?

If you do have access to webpages in a webbrowser, it should also work for gem updates by setting up the http proxy server used.
Ask your IT department for the proxy used, or you could perhaps find that in your browser.
In e.g. Firefox I find it in Tools->Options…->Advanced->Network->Settings

In my case it says WEBPROXY:8080.

For Windows you would then edit your environment settings, adding the system variable HTTP_PROXY with value http://webproxy:8080

Hopefully this will work for you too.
But perhaps there are even stricter restrictions for machine, being a server I mean…

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Use `gem install` on your development system, vendor it, and then
deploy to the server.