How to update partial attributes of a object from a form?

Nanyang Zhan wrote:

The problem is when I update one group of attributes using:
now, because the params[:user] hash only contains partial attributes
that @user has, so this can't work.

update_attributes does not require all attributes to be in the hash you
pass to it. It will just update whatever attributes you provide and
leave the others alone.


What I don't understand is why Rails writes the whole row when you call
update_attributes. Why can't it just update the attributes that you pass
in? Any enlightenment on this?

Jeff wrote:

Nanyang I would suggest locking down the possible validation modes
inside your model.

Thus, add a validation instance method like 'strict_validation', and
then key on this inside the validation checks.

validates_presence_of :city, :if => {|model| !

and in your controller,

my_model =
my_model.strict_validation = true


keeping the controller thin, and standardizing the models operation.

(the above is pretty loose code, but hopefully demonstrates the idea)

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(Nanyang, I've read back through the thread, so I hope the following
will work).

Basically you'll want to set 3 varieties of validation. and within
your User model you'll an instance method to indicate the validation
you require.

within the controller (you may need 1 controller per type of
validation, or a way to figure out what validation method you'll use):

user =[:user])
user.set_validation(User::GENERAL_INFO) #see model below [or
User::PERSONAL_INFO), User.set_validation(User::CONTACT_INFO]
if user.valid?
   #deal with the validation error

and within your model, define the constants (validation methods,
actual validations, et al.)

class Users < ActiveRecord::Base

validates_presence_of :city, :if => {|model| ! model.


def set_validation(means)
   @validation_means = means

def contact_info_validation?
   @validation_means == User::CONTACT_INFO

The above syntax isn't tested, so take the approach run with it.

Note: others with more Ruby Fu may recommend better ways to manage
constants (maybe as symbols), but this approach in general will scale
your requirements well.

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