how to substitute my class method for rails' version

I'm putting together a plugin and it has to monkey-patch some of ActionMailer. A good deal of AM's magic is class methods, and I'm wanting to do something like:

module ActionMailer   class Base     class << self       def create!(method_name, *parameters)         puts "yippee, skippee, I got here!"         # do something useful       end     end   end end

So, I go ahead and do this, hoping to simply drop my create! in over ActionMailer's, but in my tests, the ActionMailer code is called and not mine.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?

The technique is OK, you probably knew this, so next thing to look at is which class is being loaded later, that one is the winner.

-- fxn

Yeah, I finally got it... The way AM is constructed is somewhat
complicated so I had one detail wrong and it led me to the wrong
conclusion: that I had syntactically screwed up.



Absolutely. The real code is released in a plugin and you can browse the repo. The code you want to see is at:

I announced the plugin on the Haml list because it applies to templating languages other than rhtml, but here's a redux of the announcement:

I just put a plugin together specifically to make ActionMailer play nice with Haml. It also will work with Markaby or any other "unsupported" markup language. Initially, this code was s'posed to be a Rails patch, but it keeps not showing up in trunk, so here it is as a plugin. You can read about it here:

You can get it here:

Reader's Digest version of instructions:

Step 1: Get it using svn or 'ruby script/plugin install’ Step 2: Add the following line to your environment.rb


Step 3: Just stop typing "rhtml".

There is no Trac or anything, but your can email me with bugs or comments (and be gentle).

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