How to simulate a column that do not exists in a model

Hello there…

what i am trying to do, is to consider a new column in my model, a column that do not exist in the database, and will not be created.

imagine, for instance, this case:

I have a table that store a number and a string, lets call it ‘words’

lucas franceschi wrote:

Word.complete = aaa

Word is the model class - it doesn't store values.

If word is an instance, simply write:

   word[:complete] = aaa

you didn’t get it…

the point is… i want


to already be defined, so that in the controller i could use the “complete” column as if it was a real column…

once or twice...

what you're after is a "method"...

(you may run into trouble if you try to call your column 'times', I'll
use 'times_repeated' in this example)

# word.rb
def complete * self.times_repeated if

I recommend going through some Ruby tutorials - the "Ruby for Rails"
book has a good coverage of getting started through to intermediate

correction - you will need to check that both name and times_repeated
are not nil

def complete * self.times_repeated if && self.times_repeated

strictly speaking the "self." isn't needed either, but it does make
the intention clearer...

just look up attr_accessor method, if used within a model on a non
existant field in the model, it will create a "pseudo" field. Do not
forget to make accessible.