How to set row height in active scaffold html table?

I have a products table created in active scaffold and html table display is fine.But the product descriptions are too long for some products and it stretches the html TD cell.

Now I want to limit the TD height and make the rest of description content hidden by adding <div style="height:30px; overflow:hidden"> </div> to the TD contents. That is: ...<td><div style="height:30px; overflow:hidden">Product_descriptions</div></td>

My question is how I can do this customization?



I figure this out by myself:

module ProductsHelper   $tag_start = "<div style='height: 30px; overflow: auto;'>"   $tag_end = "</div>"

  def description_column(record)       description = $tag_start + record.description       description += $tag_end   end end