How to set one more primary keys?

Now, I want to create table's columns by "rake migrate", but the default primary key is only ID. how to set one more primary keys?

saying, add same table structure like this sql:

CREATE TABLE samples (        id INTEGER NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT      , code1 VARCHAR(3) NOT NULL      , code2 VARCHAR(2) NOT NULL      , name1 VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL      , name2 VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL      , PRIMARY KEY (id, code1, code2) );


Thanks for your help. But what I mean is how to set multiple primary keys when table creation, maybe I'm not describe very clearly last time. The following is sample:

class CreateSamples < ActiveRecord::Migration   def self.up     create_table :samples do |t|       t.column :code1, :string, :limit => 3, :default => "", :null => false       t.column :code2, :string, :limit => 2, :default => "", :null => false       t.column :name1, :string, :limit => 20, :default => "", :null => false     end   end

  def self.down     drop_table :t_samples   end end

As you know, the default primary key is "ID", but I want to set "code1" and "code2" to primary key too. Would you have good idea?

about "why?", because now I just try to migrate a old project to Rails. :slight_smile:

So what you want is the ability to set the *combination* of the fields to be the primary key?

In this case the above code will not help you as there can be many equal code1/code2 values, but their combinations should be unique. This will always be the case if ID is included in the key as it is auto incrementing.

Try: add_index(:samples, [:code1, :code2, :id], :unique => true)


add_index(:samples, [:code1, :code2], :unique => true)