how to set .js file loading in 3.1?


Using 3.1, I have set up a backbone.js file structure in my app/assets/ javascripts directory. I am unable to ensure that certain files have access to others in the directory, e.g., helper files. How can .js files be 'required' in other .js files?



What do you mean by "How can .js files be ‘required’ in other .js files? "

That’s not really the way JavaScript works.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Given that the OP doesn't seem to know JS all that well, it's a reasonable question. Inclusion of one kind or another (be it literal inclusion at that spot, or just noting the reference) is a feature of many other languages. I've sometimes wished JS had such a thing. :frowning:


Well, I'm working in Rails darlin' CoffeeScript and I see the special facilities for asset loading new with Rails 3.1, so I wondered whether it might now be possible to modularize .js code. I was encouraged in this hope by seeing that node.js offers 'require':wink: