how to send a friend request

create table friends ( id int not null auto_increment, user_id int, friend_id int, constraint fk_friends_accounts foreign key (user_id) references accounts(id), foreign key (friend_id) references accounts(id), primary key(id) );

this is my friends tables..friend_id is the field where ids of the user are filled but before filling that friend_id field,a request is to be sent to the user who is supposed to be added.

here i request suggestions for how to send that friendrequest...

thanks in advance.

you can:

- create but not activate such an entry - send your request - activate your entry by receiving the answer from the user

thank u lanzem,

can u plz explain in detail how can i send request to other user.

lets leave activation part aside for sometime.

thank u once again..

Straight from the Rails wiki:

Cheers, Chris

i did see that link..Chris.

i basically want to send a ping messages to user stating that "so n so send u a friend request" when he logs in. Will this be possible.I even don't know where to start.any suggestions plzzzzzzzzz.

thank u for reply..Chris.

you can render such "received requests" into a messages-view of your logged in user. just store the friend_request the sender created as a FriendRequest instance, set the name of the recipient and mark this request with a meaningfull state (e.g request_sent)

then if a user is logged in, render its "received requests" area with something like that

  @received_requests = FriendRequest.find_by_recipient( session[:user].id )

> > can u plz explain in detail how can isendrequest to other user.

if I go deeper, I've to write code. So you should get the point.

> > lets leave activation part aside for sometime.

you can't. the "activation part" is the state of your FriendRequest...