How to open PDF file in browser ?

Please help me ,

How to open .pdf extension file in browser ?

Just put the pdf in your railsapp/public folder and provide a link to
it. So if file is railsapp/public/myfile.pdf provide a link to


Thanks , for your reply same thing is happen here but when i click on
link to open pdf file browser automatically gives download window.So , i
can not understand how to open file in browser !

I think that is a function of how the browser is setup, nothing to do
with your application.


Thanks , Colin

         Basically i am passing file name in URL , that's way i am
trying to open file in browser and i can not find more help regarding
this topic and i have seen this functionality in .It's working fine i do
not think for this they have used any extra functionality.


When I click on the Table-top Sign pdf link in that page firefox it
asks whether I want to save or open it.

Post the html for the pdf link in your page (use page view source in
your browser to see it)


Firstly you have not posted the html for the link.

However I think the above message means that it has downloaded and
saved the file to the temp folder shown and then tried to open it, and
failed. Possibly it is corrupted. I would suggest going and having a
look at that file (in temp folder) and see if it is ok. Alternatively
(or also) in your web page right click the link and select Save Link
As (or similar), download it and see if you can open it. I presume
you have checked that the pdf file in your public folder will open ok
if you access it directly rather than through the web server. Is the
file on your pc or on a remote server?


Thanks Colin ,

    When i put one file in public folder and after accessing thought URL
it opens in browser now i know what happens . I have used attachment_fu
for file uploading, and files is stored here
(/groups_file/000/0045/test.pdf) so i need to make URL pertaining to
this path that's way i can open file in browser i think so.

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Easiest way to ask the browser to simply "display" a file instead of
downloading it is to do the following in your controller's action:

send_file(path, :type => 'application/pdf', :disposition => 'inline')

The :disposition is the important part; typically you'll be setting
this to either 'inline' to "force" the browser to view the file inline
or 'attachment' to "force" it to download (I use quotes because
nothing is really guaranteed in the browser world).

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