How to List Records in Descending Order?

Hi Geo, you can do the following:

model_name.find( :all, :order => "id DESC" )

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Hi, you would put this snippet of code within a controller's action.

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You need to change "model_name" to your model's name (e.g., Recipe or whatever it's called). :slight_smile:

I suggest reading some tutorials about the basics of Rails before jumping into a would help with a lot of frustrations.


Hi Geo, whenever someone provides code like model_name, it shouldn't not be implied as the actual model name. Thus, model_name in your context is whatever model you're using to retrieve the data. In any case, I agree with Jeremy that you should get an understanding of the basics of Rails and you can do that by going through the "Agile Web Development with Rails 2 Edition" (AWDwRv2) book. Finally, RoR gets much easier when you have learned the basics and this translates into increased productivity.


Hi Geo, the point of this mailing list is to help people answer and solve development issues. However, it seems that you would benefit yourself by simply learning the basics so that when someone provides an answer you can understand what we are talking about. Next, in your originally e-mail, you never provided any code so that we can properly assist you. You simply ask the following question:

How can you list records in descending order?

Furthermore, this told me nothing about the controller and/or model name within your Rails application. Also, you didn't provide a link to the site that you were using to build your application. Thus, the more information that you provide in regards to your issue the better that we can assist you here. OK?


To get this post back on topic I would make the suggestion that the logic of descending the data be a method in your model for example:

NOTE: this code sample uses Recipe as the model name.

def self.find_recipes   find(:all, :order => "id DESC" ) end

Then in your controller when you are listing the recipes you would just call:

@recipes = Recipe.find_recipes

Again, replace with your desired model and variable names.

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- Blaine

Yes, Geo - the Model being were all your data logic should go. It's the same thing, just more expandable later because anything using the models logic would be changed by just changing the model.

- Blaine