How to know the current weekday?

I failed to find what is the weekday by following codes:

timetoday =

if timetoday =~ /Fri/
puts "Friday"

Please help to analysis what is the problem。
puts timetoday
It will display: Fri Jun **** 2009
but it is not true for: timetoday =~ /Fri/

Instances of Time do not implement a =~ which does that. When you run at the console it gets converted to a string (and that string
has a =~ method which behaves as you expect). Converting your time to
a string would sort of work but you really shouldn't do that - just
examine the value of timetoday.wday


From what Fred mentioned, you can also use timetoday.wday
to get the corresponding day name from the Date::DAYNAMES
Array constant.

Try this and see what you get:

puts Date::DAYNAMES[timetoday.wday]


Or if you want abbreviated version you can use