How to interpret the log file's "View:" and "DB:" numbers?

I'm seeing weird numbers come up in my production log. I've looked
for some kind of authoritative document describing what they mean, but
haven't found it yet. Here are my best guesses:

"Completed in 125ms (View: 40, DB: 6)"

6ms in "DB" ... but what exactly counts as "DB"? Is this purely the
time that Rails is waiting on the database to provide data?

40ms in "View" ... rendering the template. (?)

125-(40+6) = 79ms in the Controller.

And here's a weird one that I get frequently:

"Completed in 27ms (View: 20, DB: 893)"

No clue what this means. I've done testing on the server, using "time
curl <url>", and found that the "Completed in" value is accurate.

same here,i dont konw way. But i have a try search,this code can help we.

View usage information by running:

ruby_log_parser.rb --help


andrew:~$ ruby rails_log_parser.rb --sort median < log/development.log