how to install jrails_in_place_editing plugin manually?


i've been trying for days to install jrails_in_place_editing from
github, but couldn't figure out how to do it. seems a big hassle on
windows. so i thought i'm now trying to install it manually.

i downloaded and unpacked it and renamed the folder to get rid of the
tons of numbers behind the name - it is now named
jrails_in_place_editing. then i put the folder in my rails_apps/myapp
folder and tried to run the command:

ruby script/server install jrails_in_place_editing

that didn't work and i got the message, that the plugin could not be
found. i guess you can only do that if the plugin lies within svn?

how can i install the plugin now? can i just copy the whole folder into
my vendors/plugins folder? i probably have to do some other
configurations? do i have to copy some of the files into