how to install gem package manually ?

don't have access to 'gem' or don't have access to the net?

if the latter, you can install a copy of gem locally and then use it to install gems from local copies of the gem packages. if the former, you can expand gems into a local dir and have rails include from there, although this will take some trickery -- you might look at what "rake rails:freeze:gems" does.


You'll need to download every one of the gems you need, and their dependency chain, and somehow get them to your dev boxes. I've heard of people doing this with keychain drives, etc. I'm a fan of keeping copies of the gems you're using in your source repository in case you need to re-install them. This is particularly useful for engineers who travel, and thus will have copies on their laptops.



Are you sure you're talking about gems, not rails plugins?

gem --help gem list -r gem install <name of your gem>

or if you already have a gem file, just

gem install <gem file name>

Cheers, Yuri