How to include the mail_to helper inside of a controller

Hello, in my controller I need to format a json object using
simple_format, which is why I need to include several helpers.

So far I have the following in my controller:

      include ApplicationHelper
      include ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper
      include ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper

This works great for simple_format, problem is when the
comment.content has a email address, rails trys to do a mailto link
which breaks, showing the following error in the logs: "NoMethodError
(undefined method `mail_to' for...."

Any ideas on how to add it in? I tried adding include
ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper but that did not work. I get this error
when I include the UrlHelper: "undefined local variable or method

Thank you

Coincidentally, I had to resort to using number_to_currency in a
controller the other day (okay, I didn't *have* to - I decided it
easier to do it that way for the task I had to do :slight_smile:

A quick Google for "number_to_currency controller" (now I'm giving
away my Google-fu?!) gleaned this:

..and for my quick and "I feel dirty" use, I settled for the solution:


Pavling, thanks for the repy! I’ve been stuck on this bug all morning…

So I’m trying to understand how to get this working based on your suggestion.

Here’s the flow:

My controller calls html_format(comment.content) which is inside of the application helper

html_format, then calls simple_format. This only errors when there is an email in comment.content. If there is a link or just plain text it works just fine.

Given that, can you help me understand your suggestion on how to resolve? Thank you!

Ok turns out it’s not simple_format, I forgot that I was using auto_link. Removing auto_link prevent the error. So now I need to figure out what I need to include in the controller to user auto_link