How to Improve my Seniority

Hello guys, i’ve been working with Rails for some years now and i’ve been part of projects where the seniority level has not been that high and i feel i’m missing a lot of information to learn. I think most of the projects were not build on a sense of scalability and things were just build just because with huge controllers and models without any design patterns. So what i’m focusing right now is to improve my Ruby/Rails skills and get into a senior level but i dont know how to do it. My question is, which path should i follow to improve my seniority level including what topics should i know to be considered a Senior Developer.

Thank You for taking the time to respond this.

I think this is very much a conversation you have with your manager, they should be able to help you on your path to a promotion.

Don’t have a manager? Congrats you are now Senior.