how to handle the final output page?

i want to use javascript to encrypt the whole content in html tag and decrypt it in the browser side (in order to avoid robot to grab the content) . so i want to write a plugin or sth to handle the output of my ROR application before it is sent to the client.

anyone has any clue on how to do it? Any suggestion would be helpful, thankyou!

thanks, but how about imagining i live in a opressed country and i try to avoid goverment examine (by anaylize internet data stream)? i really think javascript encryption is a good way to do it:)

and i wonder is there any way to allow specific search engine robot to access my site, while avoiding unknown robot?

in fact i don’t need full encrypted (such as SSH). And i don’t know discussion here would violate any law, (not at least in my Evil Coutry.) sigh, if there is any law problem, how about we focus on the technical facet of this situation