How to get value from view?

Hello all,

I have following problem,

I have a view called "new_sub_type.html.haml" and controller
"SubscriptionTypes". In this view i'm showing a dropdown list of
subscription types.

When user submit form, I show another view "new_credit_card.html.haml"
which is in controller "CreditCards". This form is submitted to
"SubscriptionTypes" controller.

Then i validate credit card information in "SubscriptionTypes"

if credit card info is not valid then i redirect to again credit cards

When user select value "subscription type" from first form, I want to
use that "subscription type" value in "SubscriptionTypes" controller.

I don't know how to get that value? i used "session".then I get value of
"subscription type", but if credit card info is not valid I get nil
value when redirected to "new_credit_card.html.haml"?

Is there another way?


Redirecting will lose state.

I think instead of redirecting you want to render the new template,
normally this is done within the same controller but if you really
have to render a view from a different controller then

  render :action => 'new', :controller => :credit_cards

should do the trick, assuming you set up the controller instance
variables which the view (and any partials) expects.

but really your description sounds a bit complex, I'd look at trying
to get away from jumping between controllers.

It seems like the two controllers could be combined. Validating the
card and choosing a subscription type would be part of the same order,
so you could add the subscription types to the credit card controller
as an instance variable.