how to get the multiple selected data from select_tag.

Im trying to get the multiple selected data from select_tag., but its
gives single data

I hv written.
<%=select_tag( :cons_attribute_id,options_from_collection_for_select
                "id", "name", 3),:multiple=>true) %>

I hv also written as:

<%=select_tag( :cons_attribute_id[],options_from_collection_for_select
                "id", "name", 3),:multiple=>true) %>

  but it gives error.. such as method not defined

when you write :foo[] ruby thinks that you want to call the [] method
on the symbol :foo. You can be explicit that you want the symbol with
content foo[] by doing :'foo[]'
In this case you could also just pass a string to select_tag


Hi Nishi,

Follow the blog it may help you


Hi Fred,
thx for ur resp.

but i hv one more ques.
here we r using the


I need a solution where we will get the data from model not directly
by "collection_select"
please give me sm idea, i need it as soon as possible.