How to get some eager loading to work


I am working on a query for the index action of a events_controller. I fetch all the events followed by two methods which fetch for the users and the event_categories related to the @events collection:

@events = Event.paginate_by_sql("SELECT DISTINCT, events.start_date, events.title,, events.user_id, events.event_category_id                                                    FROM events INNER JOIN attendances ON attendances.event_id =                                                    WHERE (events.neighborhood_id = 1) AND ((events.private = 0) OR (events.private = 1 AND attendances.user_id = 1))                                                    ORDER BY events.created_at DESC", :page => params[:page], :per_page => 10)

# This two methods do the eager loading of users who created the event and the category name of the event

User.find :all, :select => " as users_id, as users_name, users.lastname, users.neighborhood_id", :conditions => ["id in (?)", @events.collect(&:user_id)]

EventCategory.find :all, :select => "", :conditions => ["id in (?)", @events.collect(&:event_category_id)]

I know I somehow need to do something more to make this work on my view where I loop through the @events collection showing the title, description...and well the user name who created the event and the category name. That's where I get lost. Can anyone tell me how to associate those eager loaded arrays of users and categories to each event on the loop? Right now I have something like this on my view. I don't want those "" and other methods... to execute a query on each loop.

<% for event in @events %> <tr class=<%= cycle('odd','even') %> >   <td><%=h nice_date(event.start_date) %></td>   <td><%= link_to event.title, neighborhood_event_path(event.user.neighborhood,event) %></td>   <td><%=h %></td>   <td><%= link_to event.user.displayname, user_path(event.user) %></

  <td><%=h %></td>   </tr> <% end %>

Many thanks,