how to get effects from test database to development database

Hi all

As we all know that rake db:test:prepare effects all the changes from development database to test database.

But due to one mistake i wish to make development database same as my test database.

So how can i get effects from test database to development database ?

any one know this topic

To be honest you should fix your development database to be how it should be. If it is correct and the test database does not match then the test database is in error.

You are getting no response to your query because no one in their right mind would do what you want to do and so there is no advice to give you.

I just want to make my development database same as test database . Is there any command to make this possible?

As i know rake db:test:prepare command update test database as development database.

But i wish to do opposite ?

Hope u understand the question

There is no command to migrate the structure of the test database to the development database.

There is no need for such a command.

Just create migrations for the development database that set it up correctly in the first place.

Actually i have raise same question yesterday, but no buddy response . Today i raise new topic and u response… I will explain now

I am using has_and_belong_to_many association . This association will create third table automatically as per my

knowledge, and by chance i have deleted that table from mysql.

Now i wish to get that table but as i know there is no migration file is created when we use this type of Association.

And i dont want to create migration because than i am not following the rails rules.

And if i create migration than what is use of has_and_belongs_to_many association.

Refer my Yesterday question for better explaintion…

Hope u will understood now.

I have two models cow and milkman. I am using has_and_belongs_to_many in both models .

By mistake i have deleted cows_milkmans table from database.

When i use this command i am getting error

a = Cow.last

a.milkmans # when i fire this command then i am getting error that cows_milkmans table not exist

As per my knowledge has_and_belongs_to_many will create third table automatically , no migration is needed.

How can get that table ?

For a has_and_belongs_to_many association there has to be a migration (but there is no model!). Rails does not automatically create tables for you. If you are still in development, just drop your database and migrate again: rake db:migrate:reset

Now i am surprise, because i just write has_and_belongs_to_many in my models.

And i go to console and i fire the command and i get nil.

At this moment my third table created automaticlly, no migration file is present is there.

rake db:migrate:reset # what this command will do ?

What would you guess?

What says ´rake -T´?

What is google telling you?

OK, last but not least: It does what it says… It is resetting the database of your current environment by dropping all tables and running all migrations beginning with the first one ever created.

HTH Norbert