How to DRY up this model a bit?

Hi again,

I have this model, trip.rb, which is getting bloated with the same
things repeated all over. I'm new to both rails and ruby so I'm
looking for help on how to DRY this thing a bit

I basically have to repeat this a lot of time (replacing "departure"
and "departures" with other models) and I would love to find a way to
write it once :slight_smile:

  def new_departure_attributes=(departure_attributes)
    departure_attributes.each do |attributes|

  def existing_departure_attributes=(departure_attributes)
    departures.reject(&:new_record?).each do |departure|
      attributes = departure_attributes[]
      if attributes
        departure.attributes = attributes

  def save_departures
    departures.each do |departure|

Can anyone educate me a bit? :slight_smile: