How to display an image that is stored on a file store outside the \public folder

I would like know how do I display images that are stored on a file
store outside the public folder. I will be creating these images
outside the web application but wanted to display the images. What are
the options available for me. I looked at the file_column and the
fleximage plugins. I could not figure it out. Could someone help me

how about:

i would like to know whethere u r storing u r image in database with
binary format or not,if u r storing the image in binary
display them in u r application u have to write in controller, to
convert the stored binary format to original image

Thanks for the replies. I wanted to store the actual images in the
file store outside the public folder. But have references to these
images in the database. I will be pre-rendering these images in
different formats. Basically I wanted to traverse an hierarchical tree
menu and at the end of the leaf when further branches are not there, I
wanted to display these images as thumbnails. When clicked on the
thumbnail, I would like to show the actual image. Also wanted to
implements the REST style routing.


def index
    menu= Menu.find(params[:menu_id])
    @catalogues = Catalogue.find(:all, :conditions =>
    if @catalogues == []
      @contents= Catalogue.find_content_for_the_catalogue(
    respond_to do |format|
      format.html # index.rhtml
      format.xml { render :xml => @catalogues.to_xml }