How to create a simple loop counter

Hi all,

     as you may have gathered I am a newbie to rails and programming. I
want to count the number of enquiries in the database and produce it as
a number in the view preferably in the index page. All I want is the
number of items in the database and everytime ones added or deleted the
number will go up or down.

Something like this:

Enquries Today: 'whatever the number of them are'

Thank you clever people!!!!

Your help you been greatly appreciated

Assuming the name of your model is Item, you can do it this way:

Enquries Today: <%= Item.count %>

Just replace "Item" with whatever your model is called. #count is a
method provided by ActiveRecord, that will return the number of
records in the table that the table belongs to, "items" for example.

* in the model that the table belongs to, "items" for example.

Argh, in the table that model belongs to, of course. So sorry. :confused:

Oh, that's probably because "enquiry" is a local variable. You need to
call the #count _class method_ on your model. So you'll have to do it
like this:

Enquries Today: <%= Enquiry.count %>

Notice, I use a capital E. The #count method is not available on
instances of Enquiry (a specific record in your database), but as a
class method of your model. "Enquiry" in your case.