How to create a progress bar and status messages?

Dear all,

Iam working on video gallery and i have created a file uploading
page(add.rhtml), list page which lists all uploaded video files.

In uploading, i have used ffmpeg tool to convert all movie files into
flash files and also i have used ffmpeg tool to take thumbnails. Could
anyone please suggest about the methods to create a progess bar for this

As my form is not an ajaxified form, i need to know how to create a
progress bar and displaying the satus of progreess like,

1) Uploading in Progress
2) File uploaded sucessfully, conversion of movie file to flash file in
3) Conversion of files done successfully, thumbnail generation in
4) sucess.

So along with a progress bar it should display the above texts, in each
process. Please suggest me a way to do?

my add.rhtml

<div id="add">

<%=[:notice] %>

<% form_for(:videos, :html => {:multipart => true}) do |f| %>

    Caption <%= f.text_field 'caption' %><br/><br/>

    Image <%=file_field("image","blob")%><br/><br/>

    Description <%= f.text_area :description, :size => "25x3"%>

    <%= :category_id,
      Category.find( :all ).collect {|c| [ c.category_name, ] }

<%= submit_tag "uploadfile", :url => {:action => 'add'}, :class =>
'submit' %>

<%end %>

My controller(videos_controller)

def add

could anyone help me to solve tha above task, i need to create progress
bar for all functionality s together like uploading and ffmpeg
functions. So please anyone suggest me how to implement a new progress
bar with ajax concept.