How to convert a date in a model?

Uhm, correct me if i'm wrong, cos i'm all new to RoR + Ruby itself, but
i think you could add a method to your usermodel that converts the
date, like this:

class BlaBla < ActiveRecord::Base
def price_to_start_on_convdate
#or like this? gotta learn proper Ruby, damn :smiley:
  return self.price_to_start_on.strftime("%Y%m%d")


Is it correct to put that kind of thing in the model? I did that before with a date format - like Object#displaydate, and I was told that it was bad form - I should put it in a helper instead. Any thoughts on this?

Andrew Cleland wrote:

i don't really think there is a "wrong" or "right" for questions like
this, it mainly is a matter of taste.

both solutions would be DRY in my opinion, the model-way adds a method
to your object while a helper would be something like this:

<%= display_date( %>