How to connect to existing database

Hello all,

I am new to ruby on rails and love it so far. How can I connect to an
existing database? There is a SQLite database that we use for another
application developed in RoR. I am new to RoR and want to connect my basic
application to pull data from it. I do have permissions to connect to the
database and it is in our testing environment. I know how to connect to it
using Visual Studio and RoR is a little foreign to me but fun. I could not
find any documentation online and if anyone can point me in the right
direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Is that Dwayne? If so then why are you asking the question again? If
not then, assuming that the database is not one produced by RoR then
google for
rails legacy database
to get started. I warn, however, that connecting to an existing
non-rails format db can be problematic and is not the sort of task
that a newcomer to rails will find easy.