How to configure nested routers to omit controller from URL?

I have the following nested route in my routes.rb

  map.resources :users do |user|     user.resources :pie_charts   end

and the 'rake routes' command shows the following routes:

user_pie_charts GET /users/:user_id/pie_charts(.:format) {:controller=>"pie_charts", :action=>"index"} user_pie_chart GET /users/:user_id/pie_charts/:id(.:format) {:controller=>"pie_charts", :action=>"show"}

This all works, but I want the URLs to omit "/users," that is:

user_pie_charts GET /:user_id/pie_charts(.:format) user_pie_chart GET /:user_id/pie_charts/:id(.:format)

Is this possible, and if so how would one go about configuring it?

- Steve W.


I have the same problem but I need to omit both users and pie_charts from url... and my pie_charts has many others nested resources.

If someone know how to do it, please, tell us.

With regards Petr Blaho