How to change the url (from localhostL:3000) to (

I am new to ruby on rails and running rails 2.3.5.My application is
running at localhost:3000 ,but i want it should be run at
"" in brower when i start the serve normally as "script/
server" .
What to do?


  1. Learn about DNS

  2. Learn about DNS applied to the operating system you are running

  3. Add the domain to the DNS

  4. Learn how to host your rails app on a privileged port

In any case, your question is not even close to being within the Rails scope and thus doesn’t belong on this list.

If you’re on a Linux-based OS, you might want to look into

Also (since I don’t want to be posting on just about every message you’ve posted in the last two hours), if I were you, I would start reading up on Rails itself and how to use it or you’ll just run into a brick wall all the time and keep asking basic questions that are actually in the guides, API and just about every “Rails for dummies”-like book out there.

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Should we get a BS or a PHD in DNS?

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