How to Build a Blog in 15...applications

Sorry, I'm a total newbie, but I'm very interested in RoR. I just
watched the video "How to Build a Blog in 15 Minutes". He seemed to be
using a few different applications. Can someone walk me through the
applications he was using? I want to start the long process of learning
how to do all this... (At the moment, I'm using Dreamweaver, and my
site is made with Wordpress. I can understand the PHP involved pretty
well now).


Actually he only uses four - the Mac OS X Terminal, TextMate, the Safari web browser, and what I assume is the standard MySQL desktop admin tool


I think the MySQL tool was CocoaMySQL; it's pretty nifty.

Not seen that before... it looks quite slick. I wish someone would do a nice cocoa client for PG... it's the one thing missing from my Rails experience. The latest pgAdmin is ok but so clunky... often I work in psql because it can be so much faster if I know what I'm doing.

TextMate bundle anyone? :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone!

CocoaMySQL is not all that, the interface is nice but thats where it
Go for yourSQL instead!! -->


Anyone here building a blog in 15 minutes? What are you doing for CMS?

Mephisto is the baby.