How to add multiple items to a cart

Hi Elle,

The first step is to get your model to allow adding many items with a
specified amount. In card.rb:

def add(product_id, amount = 1) # By setting the default to one,
# if no amount is specified, the method is still the same
  items = cart_items.find_all_by_product_id(product_id)
  product = Product.find(product_id)

   if items.size < 1
     ci = cart_items.create(:product_id => product_id,
                                            :amount => amount,
                                            :price => product.price)
     ci = items.first
     ci.update_attribute(:amount, ci.amount + amount)

Now we need to get it to the controller action. Change
@item = @cart.add(params[:id])
@item = @cart.add(params[:id], params[:amount])

Last step is to add a text box to the form. It looks like it would go
in the cart/item partial (no listed here?) but basically needs to look
like this inside your form:

<%= text_box_tag "amount", 1 %>

Good Luck,