How to add link_to_remote element with RJS?


after executing an action, I add an <li> element to an existing list
using a RJS template:

page.insert_html :bottom, :contributors, "<li

but I need to add an image with a link_to_remote as I have in a
partial page:

     <li id="contributor.<%= %>">
         <%= link_to_remote image_tag('delete.png', :size =>
'16x16', :alt => 'Destroy'),
                            :url => {:action =>
"delete_contributor", :id => @project,
                            :contributor_id =>},
                            :method => :put %>
         <%= %>

How could I do this with RJS?, is it possible?

Try using a partial

page.insert_html :bottom, :contributors, :partial => 'partial_name'

As far as I know it can be done either way, but I second the partial
idea. It'll keep the rjs file a lot cleaner, and be much easier to

-- Josh

Christopher Kintner wrote: