How to add a dynamic data in erro pages

The pages are located in public/. You could use your own error controller. Simply remove 500 and 404.html in public/ and set the correct routes to match your error controller.

lg // andreas

But how can i add a dynamic data in it? can you tell me how to set in my own directory? please

I think I was pointing you in the wrong direction. If you want dynamic data in your 500 error page you will need to rename public/500.html into 500.erb and add

def rescue_action_in_public(exception)     render :file => 'public/500.erb' end

to your application.rb. This will render the 500 page based on erb.. Lets say you have a current_user method which points to the currently logged in user you could write:

Dear, <%= %>. An error has occured.. Please stay tuned..

Hope this helps?!

lg // andreas

Thanks Andreas. This is very helpful for me.