how I can use date from form via params ?

<%= date_select(:customer, :birthday) %>

As far as I understand it Rails is expecting :customer to be an ActiveRecord subclass and :birthday to be an attribute of Customer. When using params[:customer] in your controller for "mass assignment" it will take care of setting my_customer.birthday automatically for you.

Sorry, I don't know if Rails supplies a convenient way to parse this into a Date object individually. But, it likely has something for that.

class Time   class << self     # Used for getting multifield attributes like those generated by a     # select_datetime into a new Time object. For example if you have     # following <tt>params={:meetup=>{:"time(1i)=>..."}}</tt> just do     # following:


I have exactly the same problem. I am using a form separated from any model, and I use a date object. Then I send by mail the information contained in this form. However when I access to my date object in the template for the mail I have a string looking like "(3i)2(1i)2007(2i)1(1i) (3i)2(1i)2007(2i)1(2i)(3i)2(1i)2007(2i)1(3i)".

I think the previous answer is what I am looking for but I can get it to work, the method is not found...

Any help or suggestion to work over this?

Thanks Chewbie