How do you monitor for errors (exceptions) - both on the server and on the client

Hi, I would like to get your thoughts and experience on how do you monitor for errors. I’ve been using exception_notifier, js-exception-notifier, new relic and others and I am again on the subject with one of the platforms. We must migrate to something new.

How do you monitor for errors (exceptions)?


We used to use Honeybadger, but as we also need to monitor iOS and Android apps, we switched to Sentry. The service can be used for free as long as the errors are not numerous (good incentive ;-)). So far I can’t complain. But if iOS/Android is not needed I would first try Honeybadger, good way to support an indie company.

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Rollbar previously now error-reporting the integrated Google cloud tool

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On a scala project, we moved from structured logging to splunk + queries for errors towards distributed tracing on one project that I worked within. I’m surprised that you did not like New Relic APM’s transaction tracing for the server side? With tracing, you can monitor for percentage of traces that fail with an error and then dig down into individual error traces (sorry if I am repeating things you already know well). I’m not an expert in tracing, but I have been around it.

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