How do you execute "rails runner" in Heroku?

I'm going through the 4th edition of the book _Agile Web Development
in Rails_.

One of the exercises involves automatically creating 100 orders. The
command to run locally is "rails runner script/load_orders.rb". I
have no problems here - it works.

What's the command for running this in the deployed Heroku application?

I did a quick peek in the heroku docs:

BUT! I cant use "heroku run rails <anything>", some further digging in
the docs showed me, that on my stack (Bamboo) this is not possible,
you need to have the Cedarstack.
This is something that you can find with some thinking-around-corners :frowning:

Why I think it is like mentioned above:
* The way described in
<> does simply not
* In another section of the help there is the article
<>, just above the article is
a yellow box with the following content: "This article applies to apps
on the Aspen or Bamboo stacks. For Cedar, see one-off admin
proceseses." Where the last words are a link to the other article.

These two in combination made me think that we need a Cedarstack to
use "heroku run rails <anything>". Since the Cedarstack is the only
one that supports the assetpipeline, I think we should consider the
change :smiley:

It is a pitty that Cedar is not the default stack when creating new apps...